Brew time: 3 Minutes

Commonly called drip brew, pour over coffee, and filtered coffee, drip coffee is a straight to the point extraction method. Using only the force of gravity and some coffee ground, this is how your grandmother made her coffee. That is not to say that you can’t make a good drip brew. Like other slow extraction methods, it is a very forgiving method. We personally love this method of brewing coffees, as the clean brew that comes out of it just brings out the wonderful elements you can expect from each coffee!

What you will need

1 X V60 Dripper 
(Get it free if you are NEW to Hook Coffee) 
1 X V60 Filter papers
A Bag of Fresh Coffee
1 X Mug 
1 X Scoop (Comes with the dripper!)
1 X Baby Gooseneck Kettle
Scale (Optional but good to have)

Brew Guide


Place filter paper into the V60 dripper and make sure there are hole for the grounds to wiggle its way through.


To set-up and pour, give the filter paper a rinse with your hot water to remove any paper-y taste and "set" the filter.


Scoop 15g of grounds on top of the filter, into the V60. Then, you can simply use the scoop provided with the V60 to measure out approximately 15 grams of coffee.



First Pour - the "Bloom" (0-30seconds). Pour about 50g of water onto the filter paper with coffee and swirl the V60 to ensure that water gets in contact with all of the grounds. You can also use a spoon to gently agitate!


Then keep pouring in a circular motion, and be sure that you pour over any coffee on the sides of the filter until the desired water amount! Aim to pour 100g of water per 10-15 seconds. This should use all the water by 50 - 60 seconds.  Once you’ve poured the last drop of water, Gently lift and drop the V60 to 'tap' it on the decanter. This helps to settle the grounds to encourage an even bed of grounds (helps with even extraction).


Once the water level drops a bit further down, swirl the V60. This again helps to even out the extraction. Leave it to continue brewing.

Once the water has filter through, discard the paper filter and enjoy!


*Depending on the grind size, it should finish drawing down/brewing by 2 minutes - 2 minutes 30 seconds.

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