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Tips to build your own mobile coffee set up!

Tips to build your own mobile coffee set up!

To the coffee eccentrics, nerds, geeks, and obsessives,

If you revel daily at your elegant coffee setup, or if you spend your free time looking for the next addition to your coffee arsenal, chances are you’re a coffee geek or something similar. Mind you, this isn’t a bad thing. We like coffee geeks.

If you aren’t too concerned with the realm of coffee, don’t worry. We like you too.

This blog post is for everyone; especially everyone who likes good coffee everywhere they go.


Convenience vs Quality

For those who own a hodgepodge of brew methods and coffee trinkets, coffee is more of an experience. Coffee is meant to taste good regardless of time spent making it. Twenty minutes spent on the craft are twenty minutes well spent.

For others, good coffee is great, but time is a factor. Quick decent coffee is better than a longwinded coffee experience.

We at Hook attempt to embody the best of both worlds… yet we do lean a little toward the quality side of things. Good coffee is a process. We realize that time is valuable, so as coffee nerds, we try to optimize the quality and time variables of the coffee preparation experience.

When optimizing a mobile coffee setup, it is important to understand how we can make the best coffee with as little as possible. One must have a set of coffee quality standards and meet those standards in a minimalist fashion. Think of it as a puzzle.


The importance of mobile coffee

As said earlier, the coffee nerd prefers good coffee everywhere. This means coffee at work, on the road, or even when you’re on vacation.

It’s always useful to sift through your gear stash and figure out options.

  1. Keep fragility in mind. This of course depends on where you will be taking your mobile coffee setup. You most likely will not want to take a siphon on the road or on vacation (think worst case scenario... exploding glass and fire seems like a nightmare). Try to incorporate as little glass as you can.
  1. Think hard on whether or not gadgets are needed. Alright, let's agree that coffee tech is cool. Thermometers, refractometers, humidifiers, etc.. All of these things are cool. Gadgets do some serious work in the kitchen at home, but in a mobile setup, they usually get in the way. Choose wisely.
  1. Do you need a hot water kettle? This question is of much import. Kettles are bulky and cumbersome. If for some reason you don't need to incorporate a kettle into the mobile coffee unit, don't. This applies if you will have kettle access at your destination. You'll thank us later.
  1. Hand grinder. Get one.
  1. Pre-weigh your coffee. If your trip is short and sweet, find some small tins and pre-weigh your coffee. A measuring scale takes up a heavy portion of available space. If you don't need one, don't bring one.


Hook's Foolproof Drip Coffee Bags!

Before we go any further, we understand that this can be A LOT. Not everyone can buy new things or build a coffee arsenal. This is why Hook developed a drip coffee bag!

If you want a foolproof process that works every time, try our drip coffee bags out! There's no need for dialing in or practice. Just open, pour, and enjoy!

Not everyone likes to experiment and delve into coffee science. Many just enjoy a good cup of coffee whenever they want it; our drip coffee bags are for you.


For the coffee nerds out there, let's end with some mobile combo recommendations:

Setup 1 (the adventurer)




Hand grinder

Travel mug

Notes: You'll miss out on some coffee quality control, but you'll be able to drink coffee just about anywhere.


Setup 2 (the guru)





Torch Dripper

Hand Grinder


Notes: You have choice and proper methods to retain consistency. The Bee House mechanism is fragile, but as long as you wrap it in a towel or shirt, you should be alright.


Setup 3 (the hopeless)





Clever dripper 



Electric Grinder

Grind sifter

TDS meter


Plush pillows


Granola Bar


Notes: I think you get the point.


We hope that this post gave you some ideas as to how you can optimize your mobile coffee experience. Not having coffee can be tough for some. We live in a world where coffee shops exist on every corner - yet, good coffee can be out of reach. Take control and bring good coffee with you!

Happy Brewing!

The Hook Coffee Team

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