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Drip Coffee: The To The Point Extraction Method

Drip Coffee: The To The Point Extraction Method Also commonly called drip brew, pour over coffee, and filtered coffee, drip coffee is a straight to the point extraction method. Using only the force of gravity and some coffee ground. This is how your grandmother made her coffee. That is not to say that you can’t make a damn good drip brew. Like other slow extraction methods, it is a very forgiving method, and the suggestions I make are not as concrete as an espresso recipe. You should use around 60 grams of coffee per 1 litres of water (What I would coin as the 'Golden ratio' which can easily be applied to other brew methods like the Aeropress, Syphon and French Press). Now when we make drip coffee we use near boiling water at around 90 degrees. Boil the kettle first and set everything up once it is done and the slight drop in temperature will get you into the low 90s Again not that big a deal, water at 98 degrees isn’t going to destroy your brew, but we are talking best practices here. You want a medium-fine grind for a drip extraction. Increased surface area will result in a better extraction, and larger coffee granules are not as likely to find their way into you cup. I am going to make a generalisation and say that the majority of people using drip extraction don’t own a coffee grinder. Hey don’t take it to heart. You are extracting coffee with water and paper, own your budget extraction. If at any stage you consider buying a French press or an espresso machine in search of a different extraction, I am here to tell you don’t. That money would be better spent on a specialty coffee grinder than a fancy machine. Method The method will vary depending on your set up but most drip extractions are quite similar. Place the filter paper into your server and make sure there are no hole for the ground to wiggle its way through. Scoop your coffee on top of the filter and then begin pouring your boiling water over it. Pour just enough water to cover the grounds and wait for around 30seconds.  Some people say this helps release the gasses the build-up during roasting. I tend to just do it because someone told me to once, and it can’t hurt. The ideal extraction time is around 3 minutes. There are no real rules here. You just want to gradually administer the coffee, until you are out of water. Be sure to pour coffee over any coffee on the sides of the filter. Remove the filter and drink how you wish. Hook coffee offers subscriptions to your favourite beans. You tell us how many cups you drink in a week, and we will send you the bean to keep you going. Hook just wants to make sure that you always have a bag of the finest quality, fresh coffee for when you need it. Oh, if you are new to Hook Coffee and keen on brewing coffee using the V60, get it absolutely FREE when you sign up today. Use the voucher code: V60STARTER. Click on our logo to find out more. cropped-screen-shot-2016-03-09-at-00-27-203.png  

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